Our consultations use advanced analytics to design a tailored solution to fit your unique business


Every business blends culture, processes, products or services to create its own unique environment, and therefore, each company is different. So why settle for a generic compromise? Every solution we recommend starts with a collaborative consultation to understand your unique set up.

We use the most advanced analytics to design solutions that will not only enhance and initially evolve your unique workforce, but as the partnership with Operam develops so will the benefits you experience throughout your company.

That is why, unlike other managed solutions companies, we will not offer you a standard “off the shelf” solution.

Each solution is unique, just like your business which has its own demands and nuances.

The 3 categories in which we can offer tailored solutions to you are:

  • Temporary Workforce Management: Scalable solutions to manage a temporary workforce – the scalable, flexible and compliant service for you ever changing resource demand.
    - This subdivides into long term temporary Workforce solutions & interim or short term project solutions.
  • Permanent Workforce Management: Solutions for full or partial permanent workforce outsourcing, or a one off campaign – the targeted, strategic, consistent, voice of your Company into the job market place
  • All-inclusive Workforce Management: A one-stop-shop for your cohesive temporary and permanent workforce needs – the comprehensive response to your resource needs

Not only do our solutions enhance your workforce, they also provide you with cost savings too. In fact through our cost savings we are completely cost neutral. Contact us to find out more.

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