The workforce solution consultation stage is the first and most important step where we get to know your business, understand your priorities, issues and goals, so that we can create a tailored solution that transforms your business.

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Scoping your business

The consultation stage normally involves an expert team visiting the main location(s) to get to know you, your team and the wider business, its processes, any supply chain, and what your key deliverables are. It can last anywhere from 2-5 days to a few weeks depending on the scale of the project. The important part of this process is not to impose or dictate a solution but to collaborate with you to find the right fit.

Technology solution options

This consultation could be conducted with a technology partner from the beginning if a system has already been agreed upon. You might have a preference that you know will integrate well with your existing systems. Otherwise our team will scope the project first, and then look at the best suited technology systems to manage it afterwards. You can read about our recommended technology partners here.

Consultation free of charge

Our consultation service is usually free of charge if you decide to progress with the proposed solution. In some more competitive environments, the service may be chargeable and then deducted from the first year’s fees, if the client selects us as their partner.

Not only will we deliver your project on time and improve your existing processes and efficiencies but we really do save you costs. In fact, normally the longer a solution is used, the more benefits it produces over time.

This is only the beginning so start the ball rolling and request a consultation today. Simply fill in a few background questions and we’ll do the rest.

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