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Our Process

How does it work?

Stage 1: Consultation

The first and most important step in the process is gaining an understanding of your business and why you are considering a workforce solution. Initially one of our senior consultants will work with you to understand your overall objectives, make an assessment and provide you with initial ideas. We will then deploy our solutions team, including a Project Manager, who will go into more detail to understand your unique work environment, priorities, challenges, obligations and processes. They will work closely with you throughout the process, so you have a clear point of contact, and communication on progress. Our analytics and assessments will design a solution that will enhance your workforce and evolve over time.

Each solution is unique, just like your business, and therefore, we will not start the process with a preconceived idea of where this journey will take us, as to do so will limited the potential benefit that could be realised.

Technology: When managing the supply of labour, one of the key technologies is a Vendor Management System (VMS). This enables companies to automate many parts of their workforce management such as requisition, vacancy distribution, receiving candidate profiles, interview management, issuing work orders, time & expense control, data, compliance and reporting.

We carry out regular assessments of the best VMS's available, as this ensures that we can advise our clients in a completely unbiased way, whilst getting you the best independent deal.

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  • Temporary Workforce Management: Scalable solutions to manage a temporary workforce – the scalable, flexible and compliant service for your ever changing resource demands. This subdivides into long term temporary workforce solutions & interim or short term project solutions.
  • Permanent Workforce Management: Solutions for full or partial permanent workforce outsourcing, or a one off campaign – the targeted, strategic, consistent, voice of your company into the job market place
  • All-inclusive Workforce Management: A one-stop-shop for your cohesive temporary and permanent workforce needs – the comprehensive response to all your resource needs

Not all VMS’s are created equal, and what works for one company will not work for another. We will work together with you to create the best and most appropriate bespoke solution for you, to maximise the available benefits for your organisation.

Stage 2: Implementation

During the implementation stage, in addition to the Project Manager, we will also provide you with a key member of staff or team, normally to be based on-site, who will deliver this service once it goes live. This is important as they will have been with the initial consultation team, and therefore, will fully understand your goals and the service agreed with you.

This person or team massively reduces any disputation when rolling out the technology system, making sure that everyone uses it correctly. This support goes beyond the standard pre-go-live training for key users of the service. Having someone neutral within your business helps to keep things moving, ensuring that standards in any new processes, management of suppliers and technology are kept high, and that any issues are resolved quickly and effectively.

The transition from implementation to Go-Live should be as seamless as possible, minimising the disruption to day-to-day activities. It is designed to release time and cost back into the business from day one.

Stage 3: Ongoing management

The longer a solution is given to work, processes become embedded and cost savings increase, the more you will continue to reap the rewards. In the vast majority of cases we would recommend keeping an on-site person/team to maintain high standards, who will always be looking for future improvements as your business needs change over time. It is important that once the system has been used for a period of time that you then use the reporting software effectively. Once you gain full visibility of your recruitment system and supply chain and how it all works together, you may want to make more adjustments. This again is where our team can help.

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