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All-inclusive Workforce Solutions

When you have a busy workforce that includes a mixture of temporary and permanent workers, it is important to manage it effectively. We understand that your needs change over time and while your internal resources might have stayed the same, your workforce could have grown. That is where we can help.

Our solutions can help you gain control and visibility of your whole workforce in a streamlined way that will also save you costs.

We can also help with solutions that involve a temporary to permanent workforce and how to manage it effectively. This can be a great way of testing that a candidate is the right fit for your company, before hiring them permanently.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing looks at the management of the recruitment process and how to improve it. It can either take responsibility for all or just some of the recruitment & post-recruitment activities, considers technology for managing and ensuring compliance of high volumes of deployment of selected contractors and new staff members, methodologies and reporting, including on and off boarding.

We will work together with you to understand your business goals, recommending a solution tailored to those goals.

They could include:

  • Hybrid vendor model – The Managed Service Provider (MSP) would act as a Master Vendor where the skill set and geography justified a period of exclusivity, as agreed with the client. After this initial period vacancies would be passed down to any lower tiers, the MSP would managed your supply chain. For areas where either the geography or skill set did not align with the core-competence of the MSP as a recruiter, or where the client for strategic reasons wishes to operate with other suppliers alongside or instead of the MSP as a recruiter, then the MSP would act in a pure neutral vendor fashion.
  • Neutral vendor model – This is where the Managed Service Provider (MSP) manages all your supply chain in a completely neutral way, giving all roles to the pre-selected suppliers on the PSL, often in a tier structure of Preferred, Approved and Niche providers. The MSP would not necessarily be involved in the supply of candidates themselves. The MSP would screen and pass the best candidates through to the hiring team.
  • Payroll solution – We would help you to implement a payroll management system that automates large parts of the process to ensure greater compliance and lower risk. This would manage all pre-selected, specified or known candidates on a Payroll fee basis only, thereby, reducing the day-to-day costs by removing a ‘recruitment’ fee for non-recruited individuals.
  • Master vendor model – The prime vendor would aim to fill all, or the vast majority of the vacancies before passing any that they could not fill to a managed tiered supply chain after a pre-agreed period of exclusivity. Often as not this would normally be for the more niche roles, or those roles outside of the core competence of the prime vendor.


An all-inclusive workforce solution could provide a variety of the following benefits:

  • Access to local and/or international recruiters
  • Best of all worlds
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • Focus on requisition fulfilment
  • Improved security and asset management
  • On-site client support
  • Reduced time-to-fill cycle times
  • Single point of contact for all recruitment needs
  • Co-ordinated contractor logistics
  • Fully configurable management information for procurement control
  • 10-20% reduction in contingent labour spend
  • Optimization of supplier base
  • Strategic
  • Visibility and cost control over maverick spend

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