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Permanent Workforce Solutions

Managing a large permanent workforce takes time, energy and resources and so our solutions look to ease the pressure of this for you. We can either provide:

  • A fully outsourced permanent workforce solution
  • A partial permanent workforce solution, managing part of the process
  • A solution that manages a one off campaign

We work in collaboration with our clients to find out their needs and build a completely scalable, flexible and compliant solution.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing looks at the management of the recruitment process and how to improve it. It can either take responsibility for all or just some of the recruitment & post-recruitment activities, considers technology for managing and ensuring compliance of high volumes of deployment of selected candidates, methodologies and reporting, including on and off boarding. The types of solutions we could recommend include:

  • Neutral vendor model – This is where the Managed Service Provider (MSP) manages all your supply chain in a completely neutral way, giving all roles to the pre-selected suppliers on the PSL, often in a tier structure of Preferred, Approved and Niche providers. The MSP would not necessarily be involved in the supply of candidates themselves. The MSP would screen and pass the best candidates through to the hiring team.
  • Hybrid vendor model – The Managed Service Provider (MSP) would act as a Master Vendor where the skill set and geography justified a period of exclusivity, as agreed with the client. After this initial period vacancies would be passed down to any lower tiers, the MSP would managed your supply chain. For areas where either the geography or skill set did not align with the core-competence of the MSP as a recruiter, or where the client for strategic reasons wishes to operate with other suppliers alongside or instead of the MSP as a recruiter, then the MSP would act in a pure neutral vendor fashion.
  • Master vendor model – The prime vendor would aim to fill all, or the vast majority of the vacancies before passing any that they could not fill to a managed tiered supply chain after a pre-agreed period of exclusivity. Often as not this would normally be for the more niche roles, or those roles outside of the core competence of the prime vendor.


A permanent workforce solution could provide a variety of the following benefits:

  • Access to local and/or international recruiters
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • Deeper and broader managed talent pools
  • Designed and consistent Voice of the Client
  • Focus on requisition fulfilment
  • On or off-site client support
  • Single-vendor solution
  • E-enabled Recruitment
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Focused national university milk rounds
  • Tailored Solutions
  • Availability of vendor performance metrics
  • Fully managed solution with multi-vendor sourcing

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