Our consultations use advanced analytics to design a tailored solution to fit your unique business

Vision, Mission, Values

Operam Managed Solutions is built on a strong foundation that puts the client first. When we work with a client, their goals become our goals as we become an extension of their business. We are focused on collaborative relationships, delivering more benefits that evolve over time.


Becoming a long term partner by collaboratively advancing every client’s recruitment process.


  1. To create bespoke solutions - every business is different and so every solution should be too
  2. To evolve businesses in a sustainable way
  3. To ensure each solution is scalable


Creative – We are the fresh pair of eyes our clients need to make the difference and improve their people power. We think outside of the box and are not afraid of change.

Knowledgeable – We believe that knowledge is power. Yes we have experience but we do not take this for granted. We seek out the latest technological innovations, processes and ideas to maintain our expertise.

Open – Our communication and solutions are completely transparent – no hidden costs, processes or risk. From start to the finish we are straight-talking and honest.

Teamwork – When we start to work with a client, they become an extension of our business, and we become an extension of theirs.

Accountable – We promise results and are completely accountable for that. We do not suggest a solution lightly and will be sure it works before implementation. We are accountable for its success.

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