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Permanent Workforce Management – Q&A

In the article below we asked our director, Simon Woodhouse, some questions about his experience in implementing and managing Permanent Workforce Managed Solutions.

This should help you to understand what is involved when it comes to implementing a solution for your own workforce.

Which sectors have you implemented Permanent Workforce Solutions into?

I have helped implement the Permanent Workforce solution into the Nuclear and Energy sectors.

How long does a project take to implement?

The size of the project and a client’s long term goals generally determine the timescale for launch. I worked on a project in 2015 that took 14 weeks to implement in the Nuclear sector, yet another project only took 3 weeks to implement on the permanent side. However the swift implementation was possible because as it was an additional service to the contract recruitment solution which was already established. It really can vary quite a lot dependent upon the complexity of the client’s structure and service needs.

How does a Permanent Workforce Managed Solution help identify, attract and retain the candidate?

With many of the solutions I have implemented, it has involved looking at a recruitment platform coupled with the client’s website and external sources (Social Media & Job Board/Recruitment Marketplaces) to bridge the gap between the systems, thereby giving the candidates a seamless link (portal) into the recruitment process. It not only makes the process faster but it acts as a great brand tool which is vital in attracting those long term members of staff. An important part in any Permanent Workforce Managed Solution is understanding the culture of the company and their expectations of candidates and the on-going client/candidate interaction. This is all mapped out during the initial scoping process, during this phase we ensure that the client’s voice and required market presence is truly captured.

Benchmarking is a tool I’ve used in other solutions too to help attract and retain the right candidates for the role. The fact is that you could be competing with other companies to attract the best talent and so you must have an accurate & realistic job description, coupled with the appropriate salary and benefits to help you do this. Consistent communication with the candidate from the start is vital too, and the processes and systems I’ve implemented help standardise this, whilst making a flexible and dynamic environment designed to keep the candidate, as well as the supply chain, engaged.

Can you give us an example of a Permanent Workforce Managed Solution you have been involved with?


Scope and solution – I have worked with a Nuclear client to implement a long-term solution for their perm staffing. The client had received poor service from a previous provider and they were weary of not getting what they were promised. They wanted a system that was flexible, which could process a perm hire over to a contractor if the individual identified more suited that type of engagement. They used 5 agencies on a variety of different terms and conditions, needed local support at 2 locations, 70 miles apart. I spent 2 days with a VMS technology provider to fully map out the project with the client’s project team. The voice of the customer was transcribed into the automated Permanent recruitment technology platform, capturing the standard welcome, update and offer message templates. The platform linked with the client’s website by the seamless plug in of the client’s Careers pages. The team and I developed the client’s Permanent terms & conditions, and then targeted those suppliers to gain consistency.

Delivery – The client launched on target with a live candidate portal, replacing their old careers page. I helped them to develop both supplier and internal staff guides to aid the users of the system. All roles could be reported on through the centralised system.

What evidence have you seen of a Permanent Workforce Managed Solution delivering results?

Some of the results I have seen after implementing a Permanent Workforce Managed Solution are…

  • Reduced significantly the disruption to the effective running of the client’s operations
  • Benchmarking allowed for new positions to be filled at or below the initial budgeted rates
  • Regular Supplier/Hiring Manager sessions conducted to help the recruiters understand the precise needs of the manager, and thereby identify suitable candidates quickly
  • Dedicated low cost live talent pool developed and maintained for the client

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