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All-inclusive Workforce Management – Q&A

Change on a large scale is a big decision for any company. Our director, Simon Woodhouse, has helped a number of companies to implement change in their recruitment processes.

The article below asks him questions particularly about implementing an All-Inclusive Workforce Management Solution for both permanent and contract staff.

Which sectors have you implemented an All-inclusive Workforce Management Solution into?

Over the years I have implemented and delivered All-inclusive Workforce Management solutions into the Automotive, Nuclear and Energy sectors.

How long does it take to devise and implement a solution?

The size of the workforce and what the client would like to achieve with a solution determine the timescale it can take to implement. I implemented a solution for an Oil & Gas client that took 4 weeks to implement and was run across the UK and Norway for over 3 years. Another project took 14 weeks to implement for a Nuclear client. If the client would like to automate everything from first interaction through to the website, management of jobs through the supply chain, management information, compliance and payroll, it can take a while to make sure the project is planned properly. I have found that it works best when the client puts together an internal project team who will work closely with my team to help devise and scope the solution. Working closely together is the key to getting the new process implemented as efficiently as possible. Attention to detail, coupled with absolute openness and honesty is paramount if the project is going to be a success.

Can you give us an example of an All-inclusive Workforce Managed Solution you have been involved with?


Scope & solution – One solution I worked on was for an Oil & Gas client who needed a solution that could be used for both perm and contract workers. They were a small HR team with a large workforce and over 75 suppliers. I headed a team that spent a few weeks fully mapping out the process, meeting with all parties. We helped the client streamline their supply chain and standardised terms and conditions.

Delivery – The new process helped retain staff when the head office was closed. Our service caused little disruption for the client, helped engage the supply chain more, assisted the HR team and hiring managers across multiple locations and helped to fill the harder to fill roles.

What evidence have you seen of an All-inclusive Workforce Managed Solution delivering results?

I have seen significant results across every solution I have been involved with. Particularly on an All-inclusive Workforce Managed Solution. Just a few of these are:

  • Achieved a 100% retention of the suppliers all signing up to the new Supply Agreement in an expedited process.
  • Benchmarking of all positions with all new positions being filled at or below industry benchmark rates
  • Regular Supplier/Hiring Manager sessions conducted to help the recruiters understand the precise needs of the manager, and thereby identify suitable candidates quickly.
  • Recruitment pool expanded - International suppliers were enabled to support the local operations, this drove down cost and increased the quality and quantity of the candidates available for the hiring managers

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