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About us

OPERAM Managed Solutions opened in 2016, introducing a flexible and collaborative approach to the standard MSP solution.

It brings together a combined 40 years’ experience through its founders, First Recruitment Group CEO, John Urpi, and Managed Solutions expert Simon Woodhouse.

First Recruitment Group

Both John and Simon have overseen long-term recruitment solutions for large clients in the technical engineering sectors. In fact, over a decade ago, they co-founded the Energy sector’s first International Managed Service, operating in 4 of the world’s continents. They have learnt a lot over the years, discovering what works and what doesn’t and they have listened to client’s voice their concerns over the limitations of some solutions in later years. They opened OPERAM in answer to their clients concerns offering a different kind of solution.

How are we different?

  • We are independent
    Some MSPs are tied to a particular technology, or will try and sell you their in-house solution, which may or may not be the best suited to your businesses needs. Because we are a neutral supplier we can scour the market to help you choose the best technology for managing your candidates or supply chain. We help tailor the technology to enhance your processes, ensure compliance and ultimately reduce the risk involved in managing a large workforce. In some cases we have found that a client’s existing ATS or VMS has not been implemented or tailored correctly, and so can save you the money of implementing a new system, by helping you better use your existing system.
  • We get better with age
    Deciding to make the move to an MSP or changing your provider can be a detailed and complicated process; we are here to make it as easy as possible for you. We will not promise you the world, set up the system, and then leave you to fend for yourself. We recommend an onsite presence to ensure your system starts off in the right way and is used effectively by all. As you change, we change, and over time we will make recommendations to enhance your business further. Not only will you get short term results, but also a long term solution that grows with you. A true partnership, where we never forget the importance of you being our client.
  • We are scaleable
    Because we are aiming to be your partner for the long term, we know that workforce demand can increase and decrease over different points in time. All our solutions can be adapted for these changes.

Our director, Simon, comments,

“Many technology solutions should be effective in theory, but over the years I’ve been called in to help save or implement a new solution after one has failed, and it’s normally because of one of 2 things. Firstly by rushing the planning stages it can mean the client fails to get buy in from the staff using the systems. Secondly, implementation can be often a stumbling point, when a company starts to use the system but does not have the technical support that they need. My advice is that an onsite MSP presence is essential during the first 6 months to make sure everyone uses the system correctly. The key is building a strong partnership between MSP, client, and all stakeholders, listening and adapting along the way. This is where OPERAM excels.”

OPERAM is an independent business, meaning it acts in the best interest of the client without bias. However because of its connection with First Recruitment as part of the wider group, clients can quickly access a huge talent pool internationally if required.

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