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About us

Operam Managed Solutions was created by First Recruitment Group CEO, John Urpi, and Managed Solutions expert Simon Woodhouse. It is an independent company that is part of the First Recruitment Group.

First Recruitment Group

John and Simon each bring over 20 years’ managed solutions experience, overseeing long-term solutions for large clients in the technical engineering sector. In fact they first worked together whilst setting up Europe’s first technical engineering sector Managed Service Programme 20 years ago and they are back together for this new direction. Over a decade ago, they co-founded the Energy sector’s first International Managed Service, operating in 3 of the world’s continents.

Having worked in the industry for so long, they saw an opportunity to offer a different kind of managed solution. One that is completely unique to each client, matching their individual needs perfectly. They could see that through fresh thinking and a boldness to embrace new technology and innovation, businesses could evolve and progress through their workforces. Because let’s face it – the right staff are the life-blood of a business.

How we are different

  • Every solution is different

    Why? Because every business is different. You will never get a “one-size-fits-all” recommendation. We work in collaboration with you to design unique solutions that enhance your processes, ensures compliance and ultimately reduce any risk involved in managing a large workforce.
  • We are in it for the long haul

    We don’t believe in setting up a solution and leaving you with it. We will manage your workforce to reduce your workload, freeing up your time for more strategic business. Not only will you get short term results, but the benefits continue to increase over time. Your goals are our goals as we work in partnership, on a cost neutral basis.
  • We are scaleable

    Because we are aiming to be your long term partner we know that workforce demand can increase and decrease over different points in time. All our solutions can be adapted for these changes.

Operam is an independent business, meaning it acts in the best interest of the client without bias. However because of its connection with First Recruitment as part of the wider group, clients can quickly access a huge talent pool internationally if required.

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