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Operam Managed Solutions Officially Opens Its Doors

03 Nov 2016

John Urpi and Simon Woodhouse - Operam Managed Solutions Launch

We are delighted to announce that we have officially opened our doors at OPERAM Managed Solutions.

We have been working tirelessly to develop the businesses over the past few months, making sure that the solutions we can offer are unique, robust and scalable.

Our business has been developed by First Recruitment Group CEO, John Urpi (pictured on the right), and managed solutions expert (and our very own director) Simon Woodhouse (pictured on the left), who have a combined 60 years recruitment experience. So although Operam is an independent company, it is part of the wider First Recruitment Group.

Simon brings a strong history in implementing managed solutions for large businesses in the E&P sphere, Utilities, Nuclear and Automotive sectors. Through this experience he has relationships with some of the best technology solutions providers (VMS) in the market, passing on the best deals to clients while helping them to effectively use the new systems.

The great thing about the First and Operam connection is:

  • We act in an unbiased way, in the best interest of our clients. Always!
  • We can become quickly scalable should a client need recruitment resourcing using First Recruitment Group and its connections around the globe.
Our Director Simon commented, “Both John and I have seen dramatic changes in the recruitment industry over the years, and have adapted to those changes. In recent years we have seen recruitment budgets decrease while a demand for value, compliance and reporting has increased. We see Operam as an opportunity to evolve with these changes. I know our solutions work, as they are based on the solutions I’ve been implementing for over 20 years. We believe this is a real opportunity for businesses to prepare for the future, to enable them to adapt to any future requirement with as little disruption to their business as possible.”

Operam’s solutions can promise results. Simon has delivered solutions that on average have delivered a 35% improvement on CV quality, a 50% increase in candidate quality, a 25% increase in the speed of hire and a 10% reduction in unplanned attrition.

If you would like to find out more you can ring us on 01925 907008 or email for a free consultation and find out how a managed solution could help you.

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