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UK employment… The Q3 results are in

When it comes to how you can improve your business, it’s important to be in the know around the current jobs market, especially when it comes to making decisions on how to expand and develop business and structure, which is why we’ve decided to put together some of this year’s statistics into an easy to read infographic.

The results are interesting, with the number of overall workers nationwide rising by 279,000, but the number of zero-hour contracts going from 0.6% to a staggering 2.8%.

On a more positive note, Damian Hinds, The Minister for Employment had this to say: “We’re ending the year on a strong note with figures showing the unemployment rate has fallen every month in 2017, and is now at the lowest it’s been in over 40 years. Employment is at a near-record high, and there are over 3 million more people in work now compared to 2010 – that’s more than the population of Greater Manchester.”

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