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Managed Solutions Benefits

How you would benefit from our service

We come to be your facilitator of the recruitment process. It is as if we become your highly qualified corporate personal assistant who specialises in the management of your recruitment and supply base challenges. By taking the weight off your shoulders it frees you to focus upon the value add elements of your business; one that not only handles the day-to-day activities, but keeps you compliant, providing order and clarity. However, most of all it gives you the strategic control in relation to how you identify, deploy and report the utilisation of your labour force.

If you have a workforce of 70 plus employees or contractors, then the value increases.

We help rebalance your priorities by automating the repetitive tasks, and taking over those time consuming tasks that surround recruitment and the deployment of resources throughout your organisation. We are not a replacement service, we are an extension of your team, allowing you to increase your productivity and improve overall performance.

What are the benefits?

The benefits can be vast and varied depending on the solution that is implemented. They could include:

  • Cost savings that increase as a solution continues
  • Increased compliance reducing risk
  • Centralised invoice and payrolling, easy to manage and report on
  • Streamlined management and better engagement of supply chain
  • Faster hiring process
  • Increase quality of candidate pool
  • On or off-site support for both client and contractors
  • Dispute resolution and contractor care
  • Ability to scale up or scale down resourcing quickly
  • Management of onboarding and offboarding if needed

On average our solutions have delivered a:

  • 35% improvement on CV quality
  • 50% increase in candidate quality
  • 25% increase in speed of hire
  • 10% reduction in unplanned attrition

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